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In-person Angelic Reiki Healing Treatments 

  • Unique, multidimensional healing direct from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers and other Beings of Love and Light
  • Treats the cause of any condition, transmutes trauma, heals past life issues and aids fulfilment
    of one’s soul purpose
  • Assists mothers during any stage of  pregnancy 
  • Supports change and assists moves towards happier more personally empowered living  

Angelic Reiki is a safe, completely natural, system of multidimensional angelic healing which can address physical, emotional and psychological imbalances as well as provide healing in connection with spiritual issues. Angelic Reiki angelic healing can be used alongside orthodox medicine and/or other complementary therapies.

Angelic Reiki multidimensional angelic healing treatments are suitable for anyone, of any age, who is ready – not just to accept the power of angelic healing – but who is also truly ready to embrace the ‘invitation to change’ offered by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers and other Beings of Light – which includes the challenge of facing up to and dealing with (rather than suppressing) your ‘stuff’.

The divine energy of Angelic Reiki, by its very nature, creates balance. It searches out anything within our consciousness – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – that is out of balance. It therefore goes right
to the core of issues and conditions; it also expands consciousness, changing how we see/understand things on many levels – about ourselves, others and our world.

As Kevin Core says, “If you are drawn to Angelic Reiki, on some level you are ready to change”. So, Angelic Reiki is about change – to the extent that you really and truly are ready to embrace change in your life and
to do the necessary work after receiving Angelic Reiki treatments.

Angelic Reiki treatments facilitate this process and support you in letting go of physical, genetic, emotional, mental and karmic imbalances throughout all time and space, to allow healing of core issues – which can help in embracing a happier more fulfilled life.

BUT they are not some sort of a magic pill!
They work with you in accordance with your condition/dis-ease/physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual state of being, how long this has affected you, and how ready you really are to embrace change.

Distant Healing.

Angelic Reiki multidimensional angelic healing – and other – Distant (remote) Treatments can be arranged for you wherever you live. Distance is no object; Distant Healing treatments are just as effective as In-person Treatments.

While acknowledging that many people prefer In-person Healing sessions, Distant Treatments are a really valuable form of healing, especially for anyone who does not have easy access to a professional practitioner, or is disabled or bedridden.

What Happens During a Distant Healing Treatment?

Each treatment is unique to you. It offers the invitation to heal on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels and provides what you need to boost your wellbeing to the optimum level appropriate for you at that time. When a Distant Healing session is activated and in progress, you may or may not experience various sensations. You may or may not receive actual guidance from Angels/Beings of Love & Light. Most clients feel a deep sense of calm, relaxation and upliftment.

How many treatments will i need?

The number of Angelic Reiki healing Treatments will depend upon your condition/dis-ease/physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual state of being; also on how long this has affected you and how ready you are to embrace change and do the necessary work. Some conditions require more treatments than others.

Generally, a series of 3 treatments has been found to be beneficial as a starting point in allowing you to track progress towards therapeutic change.

A treatment plan will be  discussed with you during the initial consultation.   You will also be encouraged to be guided by your own inner knowing in connection with number and timing of treatments.

What Happens during Angelic Reiki Treatments?

Angelic Reiki multidimensional angelic healing sessions lasts approx 1 hour and connect you at a soul level with the Angelic Realms. Treatments involves gentle touch. You lie on a therapy couch or sit in a chair, fully clothed, relaxing deeply while angels connect with you through your consciousness to bring whatever healing and consciousness expansion best suits your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs at that particular time.

During an Angelic Reiki treatment both the practitioner and client are bathed in the bliss and oneness of divine unconditional love.

Angelic Reiki aligns you with your higher self and allows the purest multidimensional angelic healing energies to facilitate balance and promote wellbeing.

To arrange your Angelic Reiki treatment call Sharron -07488375456

To arrange your Distant (Remote) Angelic Reiki call Sharron -07488375456

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